Epiphysis - different types one proximal epiphysis and the other one distal epiphysis. They are both an enlargement terminal part of the bone. Distal epiphysis is farthest part of the center of the body, and the proximal epiphysis is the one nearest to the body. Both made up of spongy tissues.

Diaphysis - it encloses the meduallary cavity. Its mostly made up of compact tissue. It is found between the metaphyses.

Medullary cavity - central cavity of the bone that has the bone marrow it contains lipid-rich yellow bone marrow

Epiphysis plate - a hyaline cartilage plate in the metaphysis at each end of a long bone WHAT IS ITS FUNCTION?

Periosteum a membrane that covers the outer surface of all bones

Spongy bone one of two types of osseous tissue that form bones WHAT IS ITS STRUCTURE?

Compact bone - one of the three layers of a bone. It is a dense, rigid bone called the compact bone WHERE IS IT FOUND?

Osteon the basic unit of structure of compact bone WHAT IS ITS STRUCTURE?

Trabeculae - a series or group of partitions formed by bands or columns of connective tissue WHERE ARE THEY FOUND?

Haversian canal - any of the minute tubes that form a network in bone and contain blood vessels. WHERE ARE THEY FOUND?

Endosteum a thin layer of connective tissue that lines the surface of the bony tissue that forms the medullary cavity

Articular cartilage - the smooth, white tissue that covers the ends of bones where they come together to form joints